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Mityana District

Uganda is located on the Equator and its neighbours are Sudan to the north, Kenya to the east, the Republic of Congo to the west and Tanzania and Rwanda to the south. Lake Victoria dominates the southern part of the country.

Mityana is about 40 miles but almost a two hours drive, from Kampala on the Fort Portal road heading west to the Congo. Map

Mityana is more than just a town - it is a district similar to Basingstoke and Deane. The main town has a population of 40,000+ (a little larger than Andover) with 65% of the population are under 18. In the UK 65% of the population are over 45. One in ten will be HIV+. The average life expectancy in Uganda is 45 years.


Mityana is a very traditional Ugandan area. Houses and gardens are close together. The main market is a vibrant, colourful place


Mityana is also a diocese with its headquarters just outside the main town of Mityana in a village called Namakosi. It is in the village that Mityana Secondary School is situated. This is the school kitchen at Bukanaga!, and a chemistry class      


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